Rebrand of the "Fussy Eater"

Rebrand of the "Fussy Eater"

We are all about creating positive food environments, so the word "fussy" really does perplex us when it comes to the introduction of solids and kids.

What emotions do you feel when you hear the word "fussy" ?

We know plenty of adult fussy eaters, and somehow it is more accepted as we age to be what we would more politely call "particular" about what we eat.

I actually have less tolerance of adult fussiness than children, as really, we should know better! Particularly when it comes to food we know is good for us. Often our "fussiness" is of our own design, and we have simply had more time to learn our absolute likes and dislikes and have more control over what we select. That doesn't make us less fussy. 

Child Exploration and Developing Autonomy 

Children are exploring food, learning textures, tastes and food generally that they have never had exposure to before. Have you tasted breast milk or formula?! It is absolutely unforgiving in flavour, not nice at all. When you move onto blended sweet potato, what a flavour explosion that is! And sometimes extreme and "face-pull worthy". Spitting is likely and up to 10 times exposure to a food is sincerly needed. 

The phase of introducing food is also a time when they are learning autonomy and models of control, they begin to see cause and effect and how they can manipulate outcomes. If they have a tantrum over broccoli, they know you will give them a nicer food - as you have done this before, as an example. So that is on us, to stand firm and know that healthy children will never starve themselves and food variety and healthy foods are a must at this age- do not cave! 

Positive Food Environments

If we are all about creating positive food environments and experiences for our babes, how can we do this when we have such a negative word to describe their food exploration? I mean, when you even say the word "fussy" you can get a little annoyed right? It just conjures negativity. 

We call for a reduction in the word fussy as it pertains to children and food exploration. What do you think?

What word describes the scenario more fairly and positively? We have started a list, tell us what you think?

  1. Food Exploration
  2. Food Discovery
  3. .....