Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Drops Further

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Drops Further

How can our life expectancy possibly be dropping in our modern age of intelligence and technology....because we have lost perspective, and our commonsense brain is being over-ridden by food marketing induced confusion.  

Our consumption of vegetables was already so dismal, so a suggestion of it dropping more is quite frightening.. Meanwhile:  

  • "chicken dishes like nuggets"....jumped 2.6 per cent. 
  • Snack food category went up 10%
  • Potato chips, cereals and convenience meals also increased compared to previous years.

One reality this article reminds us of is how the big chains really do influence our population health with their costs/profit's focus. The cost of living was always going to push people to less desirable options, and food trends and fads also have an impact on some categories declining. But fruits and vegetables need to be affordable and accessible to everyone if we cared for our people's health and longevity and sadly the prices of these essentials have gone up significantly. 

Read the article to learn the food and beverage groups people are eating more and less of than before.

Australians are eating less fruit and vegetables and drinking less milk, says latest Australian Bureau of Statistics report - ABC News