Free Resources

There are many credible free resources, fact sheets, recipes, online calculators, tips and information that are just sitting on this miraculous thing we call the internet.  Just PLEASE check the source of what you read.  There is also allot of misleading, sometimes dangerous information out there too, from people with an unhelpful agenda (well helpful to their hip pocket maybe).  We have listed a few govt and NFP sites below we have found helpful and inspiring. 

Grow and Go Nutrition in the First 5 Years

This website Toolbox is an excellent resource for Parents, Carers and Health Professionals has collated all the credible resources and tools from across not only Australia, but WHO and internationally around nutrition in the first 5 years. Worth a look!

Reading a Food Label

Food labels can be incredibly confusing to many. The Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) is a legal requirement for packaged foods in Australia. The Eat for Health website has a basic guide to get you through this, with the "maximums" per 100g being the focus column. Read the guide for help on understanding fats, sugars, sodium, fibre and the trusty old ingredient list. 

No Money No Time

Developed by the Dietetic dept at the University of Newcastle, this site is full of great simple and healthy recipe ideas, all on a budget. You can put in your cooking method, diet requirements and protein preferences and it will narrow down what recipes will suit.  They even have a FREE online health quiz, which gives you an overall rating out of 73, and the option of creating an account so you can set personal food goals and take the quiz again. Well worth checking out. 

Make Healthy Normal

A NSW government website that is full of helpful information, tips, recipes and meal plans to get you and your family eating healthier. 

Healthy Kids NSW

Another NSW government website that focuses on kids nutrition and activity, with free facts sheets, recipes and updates for kids, teachers, carers and early learning educators.

Healthy Kids Association

Healthy Kids Association is a not for profit, non-government health promotion charity whose mission is to promote and influence healthy food choices in children. 

Eat for Health

The Australian governments guide to health eating.  This site has calculators, fact sheets, serve sizes and so much credible information.  A great resource for any one wanting a good overview of nutrition and their/their families needs. You can see a page for "Reading Food Labels" on their site. 

Sydney Markets

For updates on seasonal eating, recipes and market updates. They also have a site targeting kids, which is great for recipes and nutrition information on some fruit and vege.

Nutrient Reference Values

The Australian Governments National Health and Medical Research Councils (NHMRC) site which provides all the detail on nutrients, their need, purpose and how much you are meant to be aiming for, for your age.  This information is based on the latest medical research and data available. We use these references in our books.

Food Switch

Get immediate, easy-to-understand information about packaged food products as well as a list of similar foods that are healthier choices.

Each product you see in FoodSwitch has been rated using either a colour-coded ‘traffic-light’ labelling system or the new Health Star Rating system. It’s easy to see at a glance how healthy a food is!

Products do change regularly, so it is worth ensuring you check in for changes occasionally. 

Healthy Lunchbox

This fantastic site has an interactive "lunchbox builder" along with Dietitian approved recipes, tips & examples of healthy lunches to help you with variety & fresh ideas.

Sustainable Eating Guides

The Sustainable Table offers great downloadable free resources around Ethical and Sustainable eating. We love their seasonal eating guides in particular and their articles on sustainable consumption of animals. They are not for profit and doing great things. 

Future Learning

This site has many free and affordable but credible short courses. We loved this Food and Mood course, from an University known for its commitment to nutrition education, Deakin University. You can complete this course for free for the first 3 weeks. 

Allergy + Anaphylaxis 

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia's Allergy awareness week materials are excellent reminders of the facts around food allergies and how to manage them. Click into the materials to access their educational video on what to do if someone near you is having a reaction.