About Us

Scope/Mission Statement

Bite Nutrition was built by an eco- focused qualified dietitian, and we want to empower the creation of the healthiest version of everybody at every stage of life.


Like all health domains, no matter what a professional professes, personal values always bias professional practice.

We are proud of our bias, which is our strong belief that we can share our health symbiotically with the planet’s health, by making food and eating related product choices that are least impactful to the environment AND simultaneously better for us in health, budget and time saving.

  1. We are focused on prevention, hence our strong focus on early life nutrition, a time at which most of our long-term health physical and mental health outcomes can be pre-programmed.
  2. We want to help all humans achieve not just short term but long-term quality of life, without any extreme measures or expense.
  3. We want to simplify what has become a deliberately complicated domain of health.
  4. We want to support parents surround themselves at home with an environment that promotes health and encourages the development of positive food behaviours. This may include some self-discovery to get there.
  5. We want to support anyone who needs it, to eat better, independently and to remove the stress from eating times with our products and services.
  6. We are holistic dietitians, and look at the bigger picture of life, not just the narrow lense some traditional professional practice encourages. 

       We are here to try to help, that is all.