About Us

Bite Nutrition was created to offer practical, simple, beautiful books, tools &credible information to help carers, parents and educators get their children interested in their health, nutrition and environment.

Developmentally, our children’s most critical ages are 0-3. Not only are their mental and physical foundations established by the age of 3, but their taste preferences, habits and interest are quickly establishing too.  

Exposure and familiarity are vital to a child’s food selection. But we live in a busy world and we don’t all have the time to spend introducing healthy foods to our kids. Bite Nutrition wants to help bridge the gap.

It’s never too early to develop healthy habits.  Let’s give our kids the start they deserve.

Ages 1 to 100 will benefit from and enjoy the complimentary, carefully considered items that are not only beautiful and educational, but support local Australian business and work towards sustainability.

Scope/Mission Statement

Cutting through the noise to introduce (invite), influence and inspire the next generation (s) to make balanced decisions about their nutritional health and wellbeing whilst being mindful of the environment and sustainability.


  • To support the positive (science based) movement to improve childhood nutrition.
  • To help our next generations reach their full intellectual and physical health potential.
  • To help make raising a healthy family easier, including positive modeling of relationships with food/fluids.
  • To increase awareness of the impact our choices and behaviors are having on the environment and sustainability. 


  • To make choices and recommendations that have holistic considerations.
  • To know that we can only try, but trying is key.
  • Quality; Australian; ethical and supporting sustainability.
  • To never lose sight of what’s really important: time, love, laughter and health.