Neat Eats Tidy bag eco focused waste solution
Neat Eats Tidy bag eco focused waste solution

Dietitians supporting you make better choices

Neat Eats Range
Adult bib neat eats bite nutrition
Adult bib neat eats bite nutrition

Supporting create positive food experiences


“One of the best books for kids and
the pictures are great. Our grand daughter loved making the different recipes.

It is the first time she has been interested in trying different
fruit and vegetables.”

I love everything about this book! It's clear, simple and factual. A perfect book to explore the importance of fruit variety with pre-schoolers

I had thought that most of the food on the floor was being thrown over the side. I hadn't realised how much was accidental until it was caught in the bib

Clips are easy to use, washes really well and most importantly, it has been effective in dramatically reducing mess at mealtimes

I really like the size of the bib and the fact it can clip onto the high chair. The removable clips are really clever, as it means I was able use the bib while out and about, when bub was in a different high chair

I am not on socials often, so it’s so nice to get some credible articles, free easy and healthy recipes that are really relevant to me at this stage of life – in my inbox. Also helpful they are written by qualified people that can also relate

Graeme, grandfather from Victoria
Anna Dietitian and Mum: Melbourne
Mum of 6 month old – 2nd child Summer Hill NSW
Mum of 7 month old Victoria
Mum of 1year old Varsity Lakes QLD
Sarah Stanmore NSW
Tidy bag that attaches to a table

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Eco-Dietitian + Mum created Fruit + Vegetable picture books, eco focused NEAT EATS Bib + Clip Range + curated products to help support the creation of engaged, independent eaters + positive food, eating + play environments.

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Who is Bite Nutrition?

Bite Nutrition wants to support you in making eating healthy easier at home, for you + your loved ones. Tanya Nagy, Founder of Bite Nutrition is an Eco-Dietitian + mum of 3. She knows the importance of the first few years of life to long term health + wants to help others sift through the confusing marketing around health + food, to make practical economical choices that can also lower our impact on our planet.

Bite Nutrition Services include online assessments, which you can do in your own time with no appointments at all. It is easy to get started right now.

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