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Perfect for any learning environment, particularly, home schooling, our "Feeding Growing Humans Beautiful Yummy Food-Fruit" is focused on getting your young children interested in healthy eating. 

For ages 1-16 (or 100!), this real to life picture and education book lays the foundations for the next generation of responsible, sustainable, healthy eaters. 

With images, symbole and writing, children will learn about:

  • Seasonal eating
  • How food grows
  • What a serve for their age is
  • How each food helps them grow in symbols and words
  • The importance of bee's with Orla the queen bee to find on fruit images that require bee pollination to grow

There are also healthy kid friendly recipes, a quiz and tips on shopping for and storing each fruit. 

Australian made and printed, written by an Eco-Dietitian and mother of young children, this timeless book series will help you get your child on the best start you can, to reach their full potential. 

These books were created with learning top of mind. For a short while, we are also offering a FREE 4 lesson school/home or daycare learning deck to use alongside our books, for self-directed or class led learning. This will come to you as a digital file on check out.

This free 4 lesson PowerPoint/PDF Plan includes kid friendly images, education and worksheet activities on all the items listed above, including more detailed information on minerals, water and the importance of sun/exercise.

Size: A4.

Pages: 46 high gloss + matt cover.

Bind: Perfect bind.

ISBN: 9 780987 618504 & CIP registered.

Read a review of our books by the Children's Book Council of Australia here

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