Feeding Growing Humans Beautiful Yummy Food - Vegetables + Free Jute Shopping Bag

Our second book in the 4 part series, "Feeding Growing Humans Beautiful Yummy Food - Vegetables" shows 16 vegetables that are great for growing bodies.  Following the same theme as "Fruit", children will learn the season the vegies are best for eating, how they grow, how they are good for them & what a serve is.  They will also have a kid friendly, healthy recipe for each vegetable; learn how to chose the vegetable when they go shopping & how best to store it when they get home. The education about bee's & how they help grow our vegetables also continues from the first book. Written by a Dietitian & mother of young children, this timeless book series will help you get your child on the best start you can, to reach their full potential. For a short time, we are offering a free kids Jute shopping bag with all book orders.  Until stocks last. 


Size: A4.

Pages: 52 high gloss + matt cover.

Bind: Perfect bind.

ISBN:  9 780987 618511 & CIP registered.

Read a review of the books by the Children's Book Council of Australia here

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