Online Dietitian Diet Review - Child (Adult Completion)


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This online service offers you a non-invasive review process to see if there are any glaring obstacles your child's diet, activity and food/fluid related behaviours that may need some tweaking for a more complete exposure to nutrition.  All from the comfort of your home, at your own pace and in your own time.

This service is designed for children aged over 2 and is for general health such as general nutrition intake, weight/growth support, and family food behaviour advice. 

This service does not suit those with special medical concerns and/or diagnosed conditions. We recommend you use our video health service and/or seek a specialist dietitian in your area of concern for anything outside of general advice.

As an online only service, the detail of support the service can offer, partly depends on you completing two things, with as much accuracy as possible. 

1. Health Questionnaire 

  • This will tell us your specific concerns, your routines and family situation to ensure any advise is practical and contextualized. It will also have questions for carers/parents to provide us with some ideas on your food and health behaviour's which will serve as a model to your child.
  • This takes around 20 minutes and needs to be uninterrupted time. 

2. Three to Five Days of a Detailed Food Diary

  • One for each of 3 days, with one day needing to be a weekend day

  • To be completed through a particular Diet Diary app and shared with us on completion. 

  • Food captured must be consumed food, not what was served. Please do not alter your child's intake on these days from what they normally would have.

Personalised Report

Once our team of dietitians receives this information, we may need to email you some clarifying questions. 

Finally, you will receive a completed report which outlines the following:

A summary of your diet review with key highlights of consideration.

  1. Your comprehensive diet report, including macros (carbohydrate, fat and protein) and 15 micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements),  
  2. General recommendations and next steps.

This can all happen within 2 weeks, depending on the time it takes to complete your elements and answer questions. 

This is a digital service, so you will receive a combination of digital files for instructions in using the Diet diary app and a hyperlink to the service instructions. 

This service may be claimable if you have eligible private health insurance. Be sure to check with them first. 

Let us help you and get started today!