Feeding Growing Humans Beautiful Yummy Food - Fruit & Vegetable Books + Free Jute Shopping Bag

Buy both books, Fruit and Vegetables, the first 2 in the series, for a 20% discount. 

Fruit and Vegetables are a challenge to encourage for many parents, carers, educators & health professionals. Building familiarity with these amazing foods from a very young age through real to life BEAUTIFUL images will help them make these better choices with their eating, encouraging them to select & try them. The books have features that make them age appropriate from as early as 1 up to 16.  But many an adult reader has learnt a few things also!  "Feeding Growing Humans Beautiful Yummy Food - Vegetables" shows 16 vegetables that are great for growing bodies and suit lunchboxes. "Feeding Growing Humans Beautiful Yummy Food - Fruit" features 15 fruits that are again nutrient packed & helpful with lunchboxes. 

In both books, children will learn the season the fruit/veg are best for eating, how they grow, how they are good for them & what a serve is. They will also have a kid friendly, healthy recipe for each fruit/veg; learn how to chose the fruit/veg when they go shopping & how best to store it when they get home. The education about bee's & how they help to grow our fruits & vegetables also continues from the first fruit book to the second vegetable one. Written by a Dietitian & mother of young children, this timeless book series will help you get your child on the best start you can, to reach their full potential. Plus, for a short time, we are offering a free kids Jute shopping bag with every book order.  Until stocks last.


Size: A4.

Pages: 46 (fruit)  & 52 (vege) high gloss + matt cover.

Bind: Perfect bind.

ISBN: 9 780987 618504 (fruit) & 9 780987 618511 (vege) both CIP registered.

Read a review of our books by the Children's Book Council of Australia here

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