The Founder

Bite Nutrition Founder


A Dietitian MND APD, wife and mother of 3 young children, Tanya has always had a passion for nutritional empowerment and preventative health. The impact nutrition plays in our health is often underrated and she wanted to try her hardest to help people get through the designed confusion of health

After 20 years of working with adults as a Dietitian in most settings including corporate health and aged care, she diverted some energy into developing resources to help introduce healthy choices to young humans; with no doubt that much of who we are as adults is from environmental influence in our early years of life. 

She developed the “Feeding Growing Humans Beautiful Yummy Food series. These books have been a powerful learning resource in many a daycare, primary school and homeschooling environment.

Her and her husband also tackled the stressful time of introducing solids by also designing and creating the Neat Eats Bib and Clip range, including an adult bib to put the self-respect and independence back into later life eating experiences. 

Tanya grew up in Gippsland Victoria and recently moved from inner west Sydney to the Gold Coast Hinterlands to get back to nature. She studied an undergraduate degree in Health Science and a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics in Melbourne, which took her across Australia, city and remote, through most industries including private practice and corporate health management.

She doesn't love cooking (as it usually means things need to be cleaned up) or meal planning (an intuitive eater) but will not compromise on balanced nutrition. She is also very mindful of the environment and the impact each of us has in the choices we make as consumers. 

A wholefood, plant-based believer; her recipes are healthy, easy, quick, one pot where possible, vegetarian allot of the time and involve minimal packages and locally sourced seasonal ingredients

She is a huge believer in many things, but here are a few:

  • You are what you consume;
  • Emotional wellbeing is incredibly influential to your overall short- and long-term health outcomes;
  • Saying something negative out loud is an invitation;
  • Own your behaviour and destiny;
  • Minimise any negative impact you are having on our environment;
  • Think holistically and keep an open mind;
  • Contribute to society;
  • Pay it forward and
  • Always treat people with the respect that you expect in return.