"Tanya Nagy's books on Fruit and Vegetables are quick and easy to read. For the major products, a few simple words tell you the important stuff: when it's in season, how it grows and how much constitutes a usual serving. Go forward and you'll find a few more words for each product on how to choose it, how to store it and a simple recipe that will entice children to love it. I love the stunning simplicity - it's like a breath of fresh air in a subject area so often crowded with complexity"

Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM Independent Nutritionist

"Hi thereI wanted to say thanks for your book Beautiful Yummy Food Vegetables. Our 4yo has always enjoyed veggies so I was curious about why he picked this book at the library but it’s really elevated his interest in food and is encouraging an adventurous food spirit. He sits with the book as a reference at the dinner table and announces all the facts about the veggies we are eating and our littlest one who is just starting solids. He is asking to try all the veggies and his curiosity is so rewarding for us as parents. Thank you very much for the wonderful book!"

Isabelle Richmond Victoria 

"Hi Tanya, I just wanted to let you know how much my two boys (2&4) are enjoying their fruit & vegie books. Both my boys are fairly good eaters but, like most parents, I often struggle getting them to try new foods - especially vegies. Both have been super engaged in hearing about the fruit & veg they eat regularly, and even comment about the ones they'd like to try more! I think they particularly respond well to the simplicity of the pages and the use if icons that allow them to 'read' along and learn. They also loved cooking (and eating) the carrot muffins which they proudly offered to anyone who entered the house. Thanks for helping me to simplify healthy eating in a way that is so relevant and engaging for my kids." 

Carly - Fremantle WA
"Wow, what a book! I just got to read the book, and I think it is amazing. Very interesting and appealing to children and adults. The pictures make my mouth water. I love how it is set out. Thank you"
Samantha, Director Long Day Care and ELC Stanmore NSW
"These books are bright, creative, informative and fun! My kids love looking at the beautiful pictures and the images inspire some wonderful enthusiastic discussion about nutritious foods. Two thumbs up from us!" 
Anna - Melbourne Vic

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