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Children, nutrition, life skills, life health.

Life habits start early. Developing healthy habits, attitudes & relationships early, will have a huge impact on a child's health, essential life skill development & our environment. 
It all starts with exposure.  With kids, books are the best way to achieve this. 
So, to try & help, we have developed a book series for kids & adults alike. Qualified experts that have broken it down to beautiful simplicity. 
Our other items support the process; for taking the kids shopping & getting them into the kitchen to cook our healthy recipes!  Shop here.
Testimonial from our great Dr Rosemary Stanton

"Tanya Nagy's books on Fruit and Vegetables are quick and easy to read. For the major products, a few simple words tell you the important stuff: when it's in season, how it grows and how much constitutes a usual serving. Go forward and you'll find a few more words for each product on how to choose it, how to store it and a simple recipe that will entice children to love it. I love the stunning simplicity - it's like a breath of fresh air in a subject area so often crowded with complexity"

Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM Independent Nutritionist