Diet Review Service

Well done on having a comprehensive ONLINE ONLY diet review completed by a qualified health professional.

Your first step is to complete the Health Questionnaire that is relevant to your service purchase. Please select the appropriate one as listed below and ensure you have 20minutes of uninterrupted time to complete it.

To complete the surveys, you will need to know your (or your child's):

  1. height (cm) and
  2. weight (kg), and also, ideally,
  3. your waist measure (cm)

Second you must download the Easy Diet Diary for apple or Easy Diet Diary for Android new users. You have been emailed the Digital file instructions on this App as part of your service purchase. 

Once you have completed 3-5 days of comprehensive diet diaries, please share your diary with us, through the APP, to so we can get started on your review and report!

Not using the Easy Diet Diary?

If you are on a discount rate that does not include the macro and micro nutrient profiling from your diet diary, please simply complete your food diaries using these links below each day, completing the 3 days in total.

Next Steps

Be sure to check your emails and Junk incase we ask you questions and/or email your report.

We look forward to getting your report back to you and well done again on starting a fresh self discovery and improvement journey!

Optional Extras for More Comprehension

P.S.  If you are interested in a deeper dive, please:

  • Send across any recent blood work.
  • Consider doing a myDNA sample to understand more about your genetics in nutrition and exercise and send us this report once you receive it back so we can further tailor our advise to your personal circumstances. This pharmacy only product is usually between $55-75 and the map locator is available on the link.