The Books

Feeding Growing Humans Beautiful Yummy Food.

Why did we write the books?

For parents, carers and educators to have a beautiful book that they liked to read, but also engages and subtly educates, influences and empowers its young audience members to make better choices towards their nutritional health and destiny.

There are very few books that promote health and nutrition in these age groups, in an effective and logical way.  Many involve fruit and vegetables as cartoon characters, telling a story about why eating fruit and veg is good for you: which is much like using a cow as a character that the audience engages with, in a book to promote beef eating. A bit wrong and just weird.

What do we want people to get from the books?

More connection with real food, its simple goodness, its source (not the supermarket) and an understanding that supporting sustainability with our purchasing choices is actually mutually beneficial to us and the environment.

Why would people be motivated to purchase these books?

Because they care about their child’s physical and mental development, their health outcomes and their life skills.  They also maybe time strapped; reading a book that hits a few positive objectives is smart and efficient. The focus on bee's and seasonal eating all support the underlying theme of raising awareness of the environment and our (their) role in preserving it. 

 Describe the books

Australian made and printed, beautiful timeless books designed to introduce, influence and inspire our next generation (s) in making better choices towards their nutritional health.  Ages 1 to 100 will enjoy and learn when turning each page of “Feeding Growing Humans Beautiful Yummy Food”.

In the first two books in the series, "Fruit" and "Vegetables"; through "Orla" the Queen bee and beautiful images, children will learn about:

  • When food is in season, for optimal nutrition and to help sustainability.
  • How much is a serve? so they get enough and on the flip side, so they don't over consume.
  • How the food grows, so they learn that food does not come from shops, but from tree's, plants, the ground etc..; to connect with their food supply and hopefully work towards minimizing food waste.
  • How it helps us: it makes you strong, helps your eyes, your tummy, your heart etc.. words to encourage and motivate them to eat it.
  • How to choose the food at the market and how to store it when you get home.
  • Healthy kid friendly recipes, for parent/carer/educator and child to make together. 

We also learn about bee's and you can try to find Orla on pages where she is helpful/needed to pollinate the food so it can grow.

Thanks to

Emily O'Neill - the amazing designer who worked tirelessly with us, with such patience and professionalism, not to mention talent!

Justine Voiry - the photographer - who whilst travelling Australia showed her skills in adapting to the environmental challenges of photographing in random outdoor spaces whilst not to mention, making simple food look spectacular and so inviting!