One in five Australians eat enough fruit and vegetables.

One in five Australians eat enough fruit and vegetables.

Australians don't eat enough fruit and vegetables, according to a study looking into the intake of more than 150,000 Australians. Commissioned by Horticulture Innovation Australia, this CSIRO study shows that only 1 in 5 people ate the recommended intake of 2 fruit and 5 vegetables per day.

People across Australia, in all occupations and weight ranges, were invited to participate in the online survey between May 2015 and October 2016.

Women reported slightly better fruit and vegetable consumption with 24 per cent meeting both guidelines, compared with only 15 per cent of men surveyed.

Looking at the studies figures by occupation, construction workers and those in the science and programming sector recorded the poorest fruit and vegetable eating habits.  Not surprisingly, retirees and health industry workers were more likely to meet the recommended dietary guidelines.

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